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IAC C800 with Slot-CPU
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IAC - C800 with Slot-CPU   Description
System performance

For a clear and good visualisation there are multiple TFT-Panels and TFT-Touch Panels available.

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Slot-CPU Pentium®, Pentium® III
RAM up to 256 MB
Cache up to 1 MB
Watch-Dog-Timer adjustable from 1 to 220 sec. for Pentium® I
Hard Disk 3,5 inches / min. 6,4 GB
Floppy 3,5 inches 1,44 MB (from the front)
Hard Disk / Floppy Controller Enhanced IDE-AT-Bus
Slots 8x 16 Bit ISA / 4x PCI / 2x ISA-PCI combi
Interfaces 2x RS232 / 1x parallel / PS/2-Mouse / VGA-interface
Graphics VGA 32-bit PCI, 2 MB (onboard)
Operating system (optional) MS-Windows 98 / NT, Linux
Keyboard   Cut-out IAC-C800 (mm)
Keyboard external AT-Keyboard (MF-2), can be connected from front-/rearside  
Suitable for mounting in 19" switchboard cabinet


Tolerances according to DIN 7168 m

System technics
Fooding 230 VAC (switchable to 115 VAC), primarily cycled to IEC 38
Power consumption Typically 45 Watt (max. 200 Watt)
Protection when mounted IP65 acc. to DIN 40050
Operating temperature 0 °C to +45 °C acc. to DIN 40040
10 to 95% humidity,
not condensing
Temperature watch-dog -
Storage- and Transport temperature -10 °C to +65 °C acc. to DIN 40040
Weight approx. 15 kg
Front panel RAL 7032 (white), 4 HE
Housing metal (stainless steal), closed
Measurements (mm) W 482,5 (19") x H 176 (4 HE)
with connectors
Type of connection (power supply for fooding) via power cable
Scope of supply
in the scope of supply power cable 2 m, system documentation